Pilgrimage of Awakening: The Extraordinary Lives of Murray and Mary Rogers

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Pilgrimage of Awakening: The Extraordinary Lives of Murray and Mary Rogers
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Mary V. T. Cattan
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Wipf & Stock (Pickwick)
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June 2016
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Pilgrimage of Awakening is the first biography of the Rogers. Arriving in India after WWII afire with religious zeal, the Rev. Murray Rogers and his wife, Mary, are rocked by the collision of Eastern and Western values. The handsome young couple from England’s upper crust, raised with nannies and educated at finishing schools and Cambridge, uproot their children to live a life in solidarity with India’s poorest. They seize the challenge of life in Gandhi’s Sevagram, then found their own small Christian ashram. Interacting with spiritual leaders on the religious world stage, Murray, the magnetic young Anglican priest, becomes a pioneer in interfaith dialogue. The couple embraces strands of Hinduism and Buddhism in their life pilgrimage across boundaries of culture and faith in India, Jerusalem, Hong Kong, and Canada. As they “rock the boat” institutionally, their spiritual pilgrimage and awakening sparks both controversy and awakening in countless others.Pilgrimage of Awakening is the intimate unfolding of their joyful and painful spiritual transformation within their small community as they raise their three children. Tensions of their dual callings to marriage and family and to dedicated religious life interweave to create a movingly human and sacred story.
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Mary Cattan