National Association of Episcopal Schools Biennial Conference, Nov. 9-11 (New Orleans)

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NAES Biennial Conference 2016
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New Orleans Marriott
555 Canal Street
New Orleans, Louisiana 70130
United States
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“Behold, I Will Do Something New!” Innovation, improvisation, entrepreneurship, and an ever-widening understanding of equity, justice, and diversity are the dynamic forces now shaping New Orleans, where we’ll explore how these forces are also shaping Episcopal schools. Join us for 9 keynote and featured speakers, 70 special focus sessions and workshops, joyful worship, and numerous opportunities for networking. Come celebrate as we honor two outstanding Episcopal school leaders: Cindy LaPorte of Austin, Texas and David Charlton of Richmond, Virginia. Whether new to your Episcopal school leadership role or an old hand, this gathering for heads of school, chaplains, rectors, trustees, vestry members, administrators, and faculty members will help sustain you as you grow your skills. Join us in New Orleans!
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David J. Schnabel, CAE