ChurchNext Certificate in Vestry Leadership, Online Course

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ChurchNext Certificate in Vestry Leadership
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“Strong, faithful and informed lay leadership is essential to the future of our changing church. The ChurchNext series of courses for Vestry leaders offers a robust, thorough introduction to the joys and challenges of Vestry leadership.” Roger Ferlo – Bexley Seabury Seminary

If the health of a congregation is related to the quality of its leadership, then educating our leaders on key areas of their work is critical.

That’s why we’ve produced an online curriculum specifically designed to both train new leaders and help veteran vestry members hone their leadership skills.

Introducing the ChurchNext Certificate in Vestry Leadership.

Students and vestries can earn a certificate by completing all four, 45-minute courses, which will take an average learner a total of 3 hours. The courses are also available in a For Groups format, making them ideal for small group learning in vestry retreats or regular vestry meetings.

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