Women Who Knew Jesus, by Bonnie Ring

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Women Who Knew Jesus
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The Rev. Dr. Bonnie Ring
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September 2015
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First century mores barred women from interacting with men outside their family or marriage; yet Jesus appears to have been unafraid to approach women, to listen to them, to heal them, and to affirm God’s acceptance of them. Often without a name, these women had convictions about Jesus and a sense of security with him that surpassd that of his male disciples. Their stories show us that social equality existed among Jesus’ male and female followers. Each woman who met him went away from him changed. The existence of so many biblical stories about women is a sign that the history of God’s salvation cannot be told without women’s active participation, and the life of Jesus cannot be told accurately without the women who encountered him. Written by Episcopal Priest, Retreat Leader and Psychologist, Bonnie Ring, this book resulted from 20 years of retreats on the women.

As readers come to know each of the women that Jesus knew, they may be surprised to discover how quickly their own stories are evoked by hearing theirs and how similar they are to some of them. In this way, they may become role models for the readers’ own journeys of faith and witness. In each of these encounters, readers will meet Jesus and come to know him as they did, perhaps for the first time.

To enrich the reader’s experience, there are questions to ponder and memories of their own to recover. These stories help us see parts of ourselves, both the parts we like and the parts we would prefer to deny, hide or eliminate. These stories can help readers uncover the richness of their own stories and see them for the sacred wonder that they are.

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Bonnie Ring
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