Community of the Gospel 2016 Convocation, Oct. 27-31 (Cincinnati, OH)

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Community of the Gospel 2016 Convocation
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Transfiguration Spirituality Center
495 Albion Avenue
Cincinnati, Ohio 45246
United States
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The 2016 Convocation of the Community of the Gospel, one of the non-residential religious communities recognized by the Episcopal Church, will gather professed members, friends and others from across the United States under the theme “Thy Kingdom Come . . .” Workshops, lectures, recreation and a full schedule of monastic prayer, including a Taize Service, constitute the program. Several members will offer vows in the historic Chapel of the Convent of the Transfiguration. With the exception of the brief 2016 Chapter meeting, all activities are open to the public. Advance reservations for lodging and meals are required.
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Br. Daniel-Chad Hoffman, CG
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