The True Life of a Singing Cowboy, by William Frank Bellais

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The True Life of a Singing Cowboy
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William Frank Bellais
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June 2016
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Becoming a cowboy can’t be that hard, can it?

It certainly looks easy to Franklyn “Frank” Ellington Seton IV. Smothered by both his overbearing mother and stuffy Maryland Society, Frank escapes to the vistas of his childhood. He will soon learn, however, that the one thing the movies left out was the smell. And the dirt. And the horses.

In this irreverent deconstruction of the manly cowboys of classic Westerns, author William Frank Bellais busts down archetypes with his hapless protagonist, Frank. As Frank makes his way through mid-twentieth century America, he searches for a place he truly belongs. And if being an actual cowboy is too difficult, why not try Hollywood?

You don’t need to be a fan of the old Westerns yourself to be amused by Frank’s many adventures through the Old West and on to Hollywood. Those that are, however, will find that this tale captures the feeling every single person in the movie theater felt when their cowboy hero first appeared on the screen. With a mixture of nostalgia, melancholy, and heaps of humor, The True Life of a Singing Cowboy will lasso you from the first note.

William Frank Bellais, a retired Episcopal priest, lives in Missouri with his wife, Ann. The True Life of a Singing Cowboy is his fourth book, his second novel. He has published a book of poetry and a book of short stories. Published in religious and secular periodicals, Bellais continues to write well into retirement from parochial ministry.

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William Bellais
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