Integral Leadership: The Next Half-Step, by John Forman and Laurel Ross

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Integral Leadership: The Next Half-Step
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John Forman and Laurel Ross
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State University of New York Press
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May 2013
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This groundbreaking book offers leaders a way to determine what theories, models, and tools best meet the needs of their organizations. Lead author, the Rev. John P. Forman, and organization consultant, Laurel A. Ross, know leaders are awash in business theory, often coming from well-thumbed bestsellers. But how do you match promising theories to real people and circumstances? Using the insights of Integral Theory, particularly Ken Wilber’s AQAL framework, the authors provide a simple yet elegant outline that appreciates and engages a wide range of leadership theories and techniques. Four major leadership styles emerge: the Impulsive, Diplomatic, Achiever, and Pluralistic approaches. The authors describe the presuppositions, characteristics, advantages, and disadvantages of each using a variety of real-life examples of individual leaders and organizations. Forman and Ross propose an emerging Integral perspective and suggest integral modes of performance management, change management, and teamwork. Ultimately, the Integral perspective gives leaders the insight and flexibility to use a range of resources to meet organizational needs in a rapidly changing world.
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