A New Love, a Novel of the First Century, by Katerina Katsarka Whitley

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A New Love, a Novel of the First Century
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Katerina Katsarka Whitley
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Material Media, a Small Press That Cares
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May, 2016
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ANL-ReleaseIn Corinth, in mid-first century, a young educated woman, comes in contact with The People of the Way, through Phoebe who shelters her. Through Phoebe she meets Paul the Apostle and the people who work with him in sharing a new love–for the Lord Yeesous Christos. Attracted by Phoebe’s character and Paul’s mind and passion, Helena finds herself on a journey that keeps her connected to these people who are turning the world upside down. In the course of her adventures she travels from Corinth to Kenchreae, to Thessaloniki and Philippi. Together with her we meet the people who loved and served Christ and Paul. This is a love story on many levels.
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materialmedia.com and Amazon books