Where Have All the Young People Gone & Evaluation and Planning Manual, by Channing Johnson and Nancy Ann Mclaughlin

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“Where Have All the Young People Gone” & “Evaluation and Planning Manual”
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Rev. Channing Johnson, PhD and Nancy Ann Mclaughlin DMin
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Oct 2012/June 2015
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Channing-Johnson-books“Where Have All the Young People Gone” outlines generational differences in values and worldview that separate older from younger generations. Out of this background comes the “how-to” of effective one-on-one communications in families and congregations. It’s called “sharing your story.” The “Evaluation and Planning Manual” furthers the solution! The goal of this step by step Manual is to assist your church to become:
– A Multi-Generational Congregation
– United in Love of the Lord
-Joyful Worship
– And Service to a broken World.
This Manual is for churches looking for renewal and revitalization, but do not know where to start. Have you wondered how to attract those who have become alienated such as the young generations? Form a team of your own people and this Manual will guide them, step by step, to evaluate strengths and weaknesses and help develop your improvement actions.
Evaluate, plan, and walk with Jesus. Discover his plan for your future. Reach out with love. The Lord already has in mind the new people he wants you to reach!
Free electronic preview copy of the “Evaluation and Planning Manual” is available by contacting co-author Nancy Ann McLaughlin atnmclaughlin2k@yahoo.com !)
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Nancy McLaughlin
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