Dismantling Injustice: A Disorderly Parable of the Song of Solomon, by Dr. April Love-Fordham with foreword by Dr. Catherine Meeks

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Dismantling Injustice: A Disorderly Parable of the Song of Solomon
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Dr. April Love-Fordham with foreword by Dr. Catherine Meeks
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Wipf and Stock Publishers
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June 2016
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Front-CoverLooking for a book that will engage and challenge? This is it! Perfect for group Bible studies too!

The world needs leaders who are prepared to dismantle injustice. Through the story told in the Song of Solomon, you will learn to use the one tool that can heal both victim and oppressor: God’s love.

This once popular interpretation of the Song of Solomon details a young woman’s struggle between submitting to King Solomon as his sex slave and accepting her beloved Shepherd’s invitation to come away. The scholars who subscribed to this interpretation believed the Song of Solomon was a rallying cry to dismantle the injustices perpetuated by the unpopular King Solomon against his Northern Kingdom. Was this interpretation buried in modern times to justify slavery and segregation? You will need to judge for yourself.

The book is divided into eight lessons, each ending with a suggested spiritual practice. The reader will gain a solid understanding of the Song of Solomon wrapped around an unforgettable parable: the story of an African-American baseball coach turned congressional representative, who, influenced by the Song of Solomon, spent his life dismantling injustice.

The Disorderly Parable Bible Studies teach the way Jesus taught, by using stories of everyday people and things to illustrate spiritual truths.

“Dismantling Injustice weaves together scholarly exegesis and insight with a profoundly intriguing and compelling novel. It has given me an entirely new way of interpreting the Song of Solomon. I highly recommend it for anyone who wants a fresh understanding of scripture.”–Kenneth Swanson, Rector, St. David’s, Roswell, GA

“A brilliantly woven story of Congressman Morgan and the story from the Song of Songs into an engaging tapestry that invites the reader to travel on the path with the characters as well as engaging in personal reflection and spiritual practice.” – Dr. Catherine Meeks, Chair of the Beloved Community, Episcopal Diocese of Atlanta

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aprillovefordham.com/store or Amazon
April Love-Fordham