I Win, We Lose, by John Hall Snow

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I Win, We Lose: The New Social Darwinism and the Death of Love and Other Writings by John Hall Snow
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John H. Snow / Frederick Stecker, Editor
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Wipf and Stock
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9781498200622 copySnow was “preacher in residence” at Christ Church and Professor of Pastoral Theology at the Episcopal Divinity School in Cambridge, MA (1972-1990). Snow died in 2008; this recently discovered unpublished manuscript contains reflections and observations from Snow’s lifetime obsession regarding the effects of competition in marriage, racial relations, education, social and religious institutions. His abiding concern regards America’s unconscious acceptance of Herbert Spencer’s “survival of the fittest” ideology where “winning” is everything. Snow contends that it is not only as bad social theory, but also is detrimental to individual self-worth, organized religion, and to democracy. What troubled him in the late in 1960s and early 1970s is what troubles us today. Though this manuscript is somewhere around 35-40 years old, it could have been written yesterday with Donald Trump in mind. While we divide the world into “winners” and “losers,” pushing the majority of humanity to the margins, Snow reminds us that it is in the margins that we find Jesus. Two and one-half years in the editing process, this book also contains a wonderful selection of sermon illustrations to illustrate Snow’s argument. Snow was a contemporary of Martin Luther King and offered Christ Church, Cambridge to King and Dr. Benjamin Spock to announce their opposition to the Vietnam War when they were denied access to Harvard. The forward is written by Harvey H. Guthrie, former Dean of Episcopal Divinity School. The book has been widely endorsed by a variety of clergy and laity including Marvin Ellison of Union Theological Seminary, Bishop Alan Gates of Massachusetts, Bishop Robert Hirschfeld of NH, Dr. Thom Blair, jr. of Virginia, Dr. John L. Hooker, Sometime Professor of Liturgy and Music at the Episcopal Divinity School, and Dr. Margaret Bullitt- Jonas, Missioner for Creation Care of the Diocese of Western Massachusetts.
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Amazon ($19) or Wipf and Stock Publishers ($15.20)
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Frederick “Rick” Stecker