Christ Church Parish, Middlesex, Virginia, 1666-2016, by Gordon Eliot White

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Christ Church Parish, Middlesex, Virginia, 1666-2016, A Church and its Struggles with History
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Gordon Eliot White
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Rappahannock Press
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June, 2016
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christ-church-parish-cover-3This book describes the history of Christ Church Parish from the time the first English settlers came into what became Middlesex County, Virginia, through Bacon’s Rebellion and the Colonial period, when the churches in Virginia were a part of the government, the struggles of the American Revolution, disestablishment, the War of 1812, and its physical and human collapse. The story continues with the resurrection of the church as an organization and rebuilding of the structure itself, in the 1840s and on to its position today.
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Gordon White, PO Box 129, Hardyville, VA 23070
Gordon White