The Seagoing Cowboy, by Peggy Reiff Miller; illustrated by Claire Ewart

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The Seagoing Cowboy
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Peggy Reiff Miller; illustrated by Claire Ewart
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Brethren Press
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March 2016
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2097-2The Heifer Project was Dan West’s vision for shipping livestock to countries devastated by war. That vision would begin the “trip of a lifetime” for over 7,000 young men. These adventurous volunteers came from all over the United States and Canada.

Through Peggy Reiff Miller’s expert prose and Claire Ewart’s luminous paintings, you will learn the real-life story of seagoing cowboys who took livestock to people suffering the effects of World War II. Take a trip with the seagoing cowboys as they travel from the quiet countryside to the hustle and bustle of the docks. Feel the pitching and rolling of their ship. Meet the horses and heifers they tend. And see what they discover once they arrive.

Children, ages 4-8. Full-color, 40 pages, hardcover.

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