Wayfarer promotes app launch with pre-roll spot

STRATEGY: Wayfarer’s marketing goal for launch is to drive traffic to its microsite and then on to the App Store, where the iPad app can be downloaded for free. The spot is a montage from the first three issues, and features dramatic footage ranging from Alaska to the Florida Keys. The copy writing and voice-over suggest a resilient narrative of human survival in the face of personal and environmental collapse. The spot ends with the Wayfarer logo, a URL and the app store logo.

MEDIA: Online, pre-roll and on Facebook.


Property: Wayfarer / Episcopal Digital Network
Editor / Writer: Lynette Wilson

Flight: February 15-29, 2012 on the YuMe video ad network

Spot: “Wayfarer App Launch”
Director: Mike Collins
Executive Producer: Anne Rudig
Producer: Jake Dell
Editor / Colorist: Nick Greene
Copywriter: Lynette Wilson
Cinematographer: Cristina Valdivieso
Cinematographer: Jon Connor
Cinematographer: Geoff Fienberg
Cinematographer: Mike Collins

Voice Over: Jessica Bettini
Recorded At: Real Recording, Inc.
Audio Engineer: Questar Welsh
Music: Bradford Nyght, “Pantheon 7”

Shot on the Canon 5Dmk2. Edited in Final Cut Studio. Color Graded with Magic Bullet.

Wayfarer takes its audience to where the action is by telling real, raw, true grit stories of people – individuals and groups – who have turned problems into possibilities and ideas into action. Innovative, committed people who have stood up to the establishment and the old economy and through hard work and creativity have changed their lives, the lives of others and strengthened communities.