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Sermons That Work accepting books for review

The Episcopal Church Office of Communication is accepting books for review for Sermons That Work, a lectionary-based preaching resource for lay and ordained preachers and worship leaders.

Titles that focus on Episcopal or Anglican subjects are especially welcomed, as well as books that discuss church leadership, effective preaching, pastoral care and church growth.

Sermons That Work connects with church and thought-leaders who preach regularly and lead worship using its comprehensive lectionary-based archives for research projects, sermons, presentations and small groups.

Sermons That Work is part of the Episcopal Digital Network, an ad-supported media network operated by the Episcopal Church. Episcopal Digital Network has a current reach of 125,000 monthly online page views, 33,147 unique monthly online visitors and 11,000 opt-in e-newsletter subscribers.

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Infographic: What kind of communication model makes sense for today’s Episcopal Church?

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