Church asks: What is best way to market to mainline Christians?

Episcopal Digital Network creates new pathways for church communication

Acknowledging that the rapidly changing media and communication landscape is impacting what church members are reading and seeing, the Episcopal Digital Network believes that it can deliver both general and key decision-making audiences to church and national advertisers.

“Our previous efforts added online advertising as an afterthought,” says the Rev. Jake Dell, manager of digital marketing and advertising for the Domestic and Foreign Missionary Society’s Communication department, “but right from the start we wanted to create an environment that made it possible for advertisers to talk to our audiences.”

Denomination-wide reach at scale

The network is expanding its ad inventory and setting aside a portion of it to give away for free or at steep discounts to smaller church-affiliated organizations so they can broadcast their job openings or event notices. But premium, above-the-fold ad units will be saved for advertisers that want a richer, more interactive viewer experience.

By segmenting the ad inventory, Dell sees the Episcopal Digital Network as better serving the needs of different advertisers.

Flagship Episcopal News service first site to launch, others planned for 2012

Episcopal News Service is the first network property to launch. A re-imagined Sermons That Work will launch next, followed by Wayfarer, a branded entertainment experience focused on compelling digital storytelling.


About the Episcopal Digital Network
The Episcopal Digital Network is an ad-supported media network that delivers news, information, and branded entertainment to church leaders, members, and general audiences. The network creates goodwill for the Episcopal Church and receptivity to the message of Jesus Christ by providing timely, accurate, and useful information to our audiences and by delivering value to our advertisers.  Follow on twitter @EDigiNet.

About the Episcopal Church

The Episcopal Church welcomes all who worship Jesus Christ in 109 dioceses and three regional areas in 16 nations. The Episcopal Church is a member province of the worldwide Anglican Communion.

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